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Website Design and Collateral for Financial Startup aimed for Toddlers and Teenagers

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November 14, 2018


Z Money


Financial Services

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Z Money - Website Design and Collateral



A rather fast-paced project. Client briefed me with their goals for improving awareness for financial planning for teenagers and younger children.


After a few alignments, we anticipated which deliverables we should be having for this project. A website redesign and welcome kits were the main priorities.

At first, we would be building a few more collateral items, like a manual and some reusable illustrations, but these were moved for later, unassigned.


We decided this project had to be really playful and colorful, so it would attract mainly children (teenagers were our second priority). Mascot and brand identity were already defined, so we had to work with blue and orange, the Z logo and the orange creature. Their credit card was already designed too.

With so many restrictions, I worked mainly on messaging, layout composition and concept.

Our goal was to deliver a message contemplating safety/security, transparency and parental control.

Parents had to feel safe using the platform. Kids needed to feel safe using the card/account.

Safety was core.


Welcome Kit:

We analyzed competition, previous messaging and company goals to develop a simple and inexpensive welcome kit that still felt modern and adequate.

Value proposition and features are explicit.

When user removes the card, he is instantly introduced to instructions on how to activate it.

Text is small and our intention was have them complete it in under one minute (not counting download speeds).


For the company website, we gathered information about their leads and which types of services they usually look for. We chose illustrations that maintain their positioning and resonate with their audience.

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