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Corporate brand identity design and website design for an engineering and construction solutions company.

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May 1, 2019


Korner - Engenharia e Soluções


Engineering and Constructions

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Korner - Corporate Branding and Website Design



Client briefed me their range of services around the engineering and construction fields. Main audience contemplates small office and house renovations. Positioning tended to aim towards larger offices and possibly a large contract in the near future. There was absolutely no brand identity beforehand, giving me creative freedom to develop a concept from scratch.


After a few alignments, we anticipated which deliverables we should be having for this project. Keeping in mind that engineering services still hold on to paper for information handling, we decided a few documents that should be prepared, brand identity and positioning and a landing page type website.


When we first spoke, the client was very decided with the name of the company, having already registered the company name with the government and even completed some projects.

That means the name was non-negotiable.

Working with a name like Korner forces you to have an edgy view of shapes. Tried working with the K for the most part, but the O stood out. The O is the most circular letter of the word, so to maintain that concept it had to be altered. I intended to have an abstract but inherent meaning in the logo, so it would easily take you to a modern construction feeling, without being "too modern" nor "too construction". Meaning, I wanted something middle-ground.

I explored different square and pointy shapes, but found this diamond-cut shape to work perfectly. It maintains balance in the word and is recognisable from afar. Accommodating this concept to a clean and modern font like Teko was just a matter of balance. I wanted all the attention to the O.

I chose orange for the vibrant modern construction office. So many companies in this field use the same cold colors - blue, green - or the "vibrant red" which is so overused it's even unnoticed. The orange maintains personality and doesn't force itself into you.

For complimentary colors, we found that dark vibes worked best with clients. So we decided to use a dark theme for the documents, website and brand identity in general.

We wanted our clients to feel cared all the way, so having a professional to trust and ask the right questions was the end goal. These documents would just validate experience and dedication.



We decided the following documents were adequate for a company kickstart:

  • Proposal Template
  • Folder
  • A4 Envelope
  • Letter Envelope
  • Business Card
  • Collateral


For the company website, we gathered information about their leads and which types of services they usually look for. We chose professional images that imitate possible projects and services.

I usually take the stylescape approach for brand identities, but this was a fast-paced project. In this case, I brought up a few possible applications we could follow. The end goal was to have a final layout with perks from each one.

We decided the main benefits from each layout and copy, and I went back to work. After a few revisions and copy editing we got to a final layout:

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