Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

Douglas Davis


Professions that utilize creativity, technology and design have shifted from a purely idea-centric field to one that has to provide creative business solutions. Marketers (clients) now hold agencies or firms accountable for their creative ideas and as a result success is measured in conversions and ROI. This book will give you the tools to provide value when design conversations veer off into marketing territory. Designers also get a framework for identifying and organizing each project’s essential elements and articulating strategy within your creative presentations. This book also teaches how to recognize what marketers are asking for and gain confidence in your ability to advise them with your creative executions.

Professionally life-changing.

I personally wish I came across this book sooner. Creative Strategy and the Business of Design is one of the most thorough and yet simple books on design strategy I've ever read. It was mind-opening and everlasting.

CSBD is as comprehensive as it is barebones, with it offering just enough structure to inspire the reader, without overexplaining.

This is an excellent book that will have a dramatic impact on how you think about your creative business. Douglas has done what few designers do, he went back to school and studied business. The book is well organized, clearly written and distills down key business concepts that every designer should know if they want to play a larger role in shaping their client's business. Learn to speak the language of business and go from order taker to trusted advisor. Still reading this? Read the book already.

- Chris Do,

Creative Strategy and the Business of Design

Douglas Davis


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